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Black Belt Minutes for 2018 meeting
Rex Aikens
January 29, 2018
3:55 PM

Date: 01/28/18 Time: 2:00 PM Meeting Place: Pizza Hut
President: Rex Aikens
Director of Administration: Dale Aikens
Area Representative: Steven Titch - absent
Secretary: Cindy Aikens

Roll Call: Rex Aikens, Cynthia Aikens, Dale Aikens, Chris Johnson

Sit-ins: Grace Brenner, Nathan Brenner, Gerad Beard .

Meeting called to order: Rex Aikens

Old Business:

Event Y/N Location Date Time .

Purple belt and up
High Rank Class - N Spartansburg 02/26/17 2:00 pm

Awareness Clinic - Y Spartansburg 05/20/17 6:00 pm

Weapons Clinic - N Mead Park/Community Center 07/15/17 2:00 pm

Rooney Clinic - Y Spartansburg 09/23/17 6:00 pm

Mead Park Picnic - Y Corry 08/26/17 6:00 pm

War Games - Y Spartansburg 08/04, 05, 06/17 2:00 pm

Goshin Tournament - N Spartansburg 11/04/17 2:00 pm

Christmas Party - Y Corry 12/19/17 6:00 pm

War Games Issues:

Students loved the free time to just go out and fight. I have discussed the past games with the students and they have not really had much input on it for this year.


Potential Upcoming Events:

Event Y/N Location Date Time .
Purple belt and up
High Rank Class - Spartansburg 04/18/18 6:00 pm

Awareness Clinic - Spartansburg 05/17/18 6:00 pm

Adult Awareness St.- Spartansburg 03/12/18 6:00 pm

Weap. /Waza Clinic - Corry 10/11/18 6:00 pm

War Games - Spartansburg 07/27, 28, 29 12:00 pm

Mead Park Picnic - On Hold for now .

Rooney Clinic - Spartansburg Possibly September Not Set .

Goshin Tournament - Corry or Spartansburg 11/10/18 3:00 pm

Christmas Party - Corry 12/20/18 6:00 pm

New Business:

Chris Johnson was nominated and approved to be the new Area Rep. Within 30 days Chris needs to talk to Steven about it. This will only go into effect if Master Titch has no objections.

War Games was discussed at length and it was decided to make sure we have the glow sticks to put around the necks so the participants could fight at night even with cloud cover.

The Ponchos need to be replenished before war games as well.

There was a discussion about Grand Master and his wife not sleeping over. No objections were given. However at least one black belt must be present over night. The tent will still be set up in case it is needed.

Grand Master Aikens handed out the war game packets so all schools would have them in plenty of time for planning.

Meeting was adjourned by: Rex Aikens       Time: 4:pm



2017 GJKJA Interschool Tournament
Location: Aikens Martial Arts
Posted By: Dale Aikens
Saturday, November 4, 2017
2:00 PM
Fee: 10.00

The time for the annual GJKJA Tournament is here an all affiliated schools and their students are welcome to attend. Parents and spectators are welcomed to come and watch for free. We will be using the GJKJA tournament point system. Events will depend on the amount of participation we have for each.

Instructors, PLEASE turn in your entry forms for your participating students by Nov 1st to keep all divisions fair and to prevent last minute mistakes.  Any entry received after this date will be subject to a $10.00 service fee.

Should a kata/waza event have less than 3 compeditors in both the adult and youth divisions, then the two divisions may be merged and scoring will be compensated accordingly for the rank/age variation. Divisions and Events may change according to intrest and/or nessessity.

Anyone that would like to volunteer to be a score keeper for the event would also be greatly appreciated. Because this is a closed GJKJA event, awards will not count toward GJKJA Competitor of the Year.  You may contact Master Dale Aikens if you want to voluteer or have any questions or comments

Tournament Information - Tenative

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